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The ‘rules’ of [digital] preservation

December 10, 2007


These are not rules of how digital preservation should be done, but more like rules or statements of how preservation is or, more importantly, is not being done well and what I think might be done about it. The rules: First rule of preservation is that no creator is worried about preservation. Well, it’s less […]

Object ‘PID’s and UUID, why not?

December 10, 2007


Handles, DOIs… schemes to provide unique, persistant identifiers. But what’s the one flaw that unites all of these schemes? They only work for as long as the people involved want them to. If the money dries up behind the Handle resolver, what then? What happens to attempts to assign the same handle to different items? […]

Defn. Repository

December 10, 2007


When the word ‘repository’ tends to have two distinct meanings, depending very much on the person who hears it. It either means: A ‘repository’ is the CRUD, search and browse application that relies on a database to store the data it uses. (I’d like to term this the ‘EPrints’ view) Or, A ‘repository’ is a […]

Oblig. First Post

December 10, 2007


My name is Ben O’Steen and I am the software engineer for the Oxford University Research Archive – (What you will see there is a web front-end to a Fedora repository, and the front-end will be about 3-4 months behind what I am actually doing.) This blog will be the repository (*snort*) for the ideas […]


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