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January 28, 2008


I am still here… Just thought I’d put in a quick note to say that yes, i am still posting to this blog and yes, it is worth waiting for (I hope) The posts that are sitting in my drafts at the moment are: Image annotation and how to describe regions of images in a […]

Image Annotation using common XML namespaces

January 11, 2008


This will outline methods for holding and describing the annotations of regions of images. I place emphasis on the work region as that is what I feel most people mean when they talk about adding metadata to an image; usually, they are more interested with the things in the photo, rather than the whole photo […]

Conclusions on UUIDs and local ids in Fedora

January 9, 2008


I mentioned earlier about the possibility of using UUIDs as Fedora identifiers. I’ll write my conclusion first and then the reasoning later for all you lazy people out there 🙂 Conclusions Fedora repositories that wish to use UUIDs as identifiers should have the namespace ‘uuid’ added to the list of <retainPids> in fedora.fcfg. The 32 […]