Release of alpha-quality web interface framework for Fedora

Posted on April 16, 2008


Just a heads up that I have uploaded the code for the web interface framework for Fedora – the same framework I used at Open Repositories 2008, but cleaned up a bit. (In respect for that, it ships with the same graphics and blurb from the OR08 EPrints repository)

Project Home:

I am adding documentation as I go along, and it is at an early preview level. E.g. if you can get it up and running (which isn’t too taxing) have fun. Please raise any issues or problems on the Google code issue tracker.

One thing I’d like to point out, is that this is very much a framework – you tailor it to how you need it. What it provides is:

– Items can have a content-type, and this predefines how the item is presented – see and for more in depth details.

– Items support pingback, and trackback out of the box.
– See the URL structures here for more goodness:

– Oh and the project is most definitely a WIP, so bear with me. It may not all be there at the moment, but I work fast 🙂

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