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A method for flexibly using external services

May 29, 2008


aka “How I picture a simple REST mechanism for queuing tasks with external services, such as transformation of PDFs to images, Documents to text, or scanning, file format identification.”Example: Document to .txt service utilisation Step 1: send the URL for the document to the service (in this example, the request is automatically accepted – code […]

Internal object relationships – in the context of Fedora and Solr indexing.

May 8, 2008


Peter Sefton wrote to me recently, and noted that in the basic solr indexer I’ve written, it still uses the rather poor convention that the datastream with a DSID of FULLTEXT contains all the extracted text from the other binary datastreams. He wrote on to say that perhaps the connection might be able to be […]

python-xml module depreciated in Hardy/Debian

May 7, 2008


If you’ve recently installed the shiny new Hardy Heron release of Ubuntu, or updated to the latest Debian, you may be surprised that a few old xml techniques in python no longer work. For example, the following no longer exist: from xml import xpathfrom xml.dom.ext import Anything_Really See for more details and a temporary workaround: […]