OAI-ORE reaches beta

Posted on June 3, 2008


Beta release of specs – http://www.openarchives.org/ore/0.9/

At a cursory glance through the documents, there seems to be a few refinements on version 0.3:

  1. Resource map metadata is now (IMO) handled better
  2. The inclusion of resource typing into the aggregation data model
    – Yeah, wonder where they got that idea 😉 But seriously, it suggests to type the objects at a conceptual level. I would have liked to see inclusion of more physical typing alongside this, such as metadata standard adherence (dcterms:conformsTo) and a ‘mimetype’ of some sort (dc:format but this is open to debate).
  3. Proxies are more fleshed out (I still think that this is a solution looking for a problem though)

So, aside from the resource map metadata changes, I don’t think this will cause me undue work to update to. The alpha to beta spec transition was just refinement and not an overhaul.

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