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OSCELOT Open Source Day III – views

July 14, 2008


The event was held at the Nevada gaming institute, and was overall, a well-structured day. The driving ideology was that of the unconference – “… a facilitated, face-to-face, and participant-driven conference centered around a theme or purpose.” However, it seemed that the theme or purpose of the event was not about Open Source – it […]

Open replacements for Twitter and more importantly, Tinyurl

July 8, 2008


I hope that you all already know about and the software stack that it runs – in short, it’s a Twitter-like micro-blogging service, that is geared to be open. It provides the possibility of a distributed micro-blogging set of services that can talk to each other. Pretty cool. But the less well known […]

Archiving Webpages with ORE

July 7, 2008


(Idea presented is from the school of “write it down, and then see how silly/workable it is”) Following on from the example by pkeane on the OAI-ORE mailing list, about constructing an Atom ‘feed’, listing the resources linked to by a webpage. Well, it was more a post wondering what ORE provides that we didn’t […]