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Beginning with RDF triplestores – a ‘survey’

November 14, 2008


Like last time, this was prompted by an email that eventually was passed to me. It was a call for opinion – “we thought we'd check first to see what software either of you recommend or use for an RDF database.“ It’s a good question. In fact, it’s a really great question, as searching for […]

A Fedora/Solr Digital Library for Oxford’s ‘Forced Migration Online’

November 13, 2008


(mods:subtitle – Slightly more technical follow-up to the Fedora Hatcheck piece.) As I have been prompted via email by Phil Cryer (of the Missouri Botanical Garden) to talk more about how this technically works, I thought it would be best to make it a written post, rather than the more limited email response. Background Forced […]

OCLC – viral licence being added to WorldCat data

November 13, 2008


Very short post on this, as I just wanted to highlight a fantastic piece written by Rob Styles about OCLC’s policy changes to WorldCat In a nutshell, it seems that OCLC’s policy changes have the intention to restrict the usage of the data in order to prevent competing services from appearing. Competing services such as […]

Useful, interesting, inspiring technology/software that is out there that you might not know about.

November 12, 2008


(I guess this is more like a filtered link list, but with added comments in case you don’t feel like following the links to find out what it’s all about.. A mix of old, but solid links and a load of tabs that I really should close ;)) Tahoe – The “Tahoe” project is […]