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Developer Happiness days – why happyness is important

February 25, 2009


Creativity and innovation One of the defining qualities of a good innovative developer is creativity and a pragmatic attitude; someone with the ‘rough consensus, running code‘ mentality that pervades good software innovation. This can be seen as the drive to experiment, to turn inspiration and ideas into real, running code or to pathfind by trying […]

Handling Tabular data

February 23, 2009


“Storage” I put the s-word in quotes because the storing of the item is actually a very straightforward process – we have been dealing with storing tabular data for computation for a very long time now. Unfortunately, this also means that there are very many ways to capture, edit and present tables of information. One […]

Pushing the BagIt manifest concept a little further

February 20, 2009


I really like the idea of BagIt – just enough framework to transfer files in a way that errors can be detected. I really like the idea of RDF – just enough framework to detail, characterise and interlink resources in an extremely flexible and extendable fashion. I really like the 4 rules of Linked Data […]

Tracking conferences (at Dev8D) with python, twitter and tags

February 18, 2009


There was so much going on at (#dev8d) that it might be foolish for me to attempt to write up what happened. So, I’ll focus on a small, but to my mind, crucial aspect of it – tag tracking with a focus on Twitter. The Importance of Tags First, the tag (#)dev8d was cloudburst […]