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DSpace and Fedora *need* opinionated installers.

August 18, 2008


Just to say that both Fedora-Commons and DSpace really, really need opinionated installers that make choices for the user. Getting either installed is a real struggle – which we demonstrated during the Crigshow, so please don’t write in the comments that it is easy, it just isn’t. Something that is relatively straightforward to install, is […]

Trackbacks, and spammers, and DDoS, oh my!

August 18, 2008


The Idea Before I give you all the dark news about this, let me set out my position: I really, really think that repositories communicating the papers that are cited and referenced to each other is a really good thing. If a paper was deposited in the Oxford archive, and it referenced a paper held […]

A method for flexibly using external services

May 29, 2008


aka “How I picture a simple REST mechanism for queuing tasks with external services, such as transformation of PDFs to images, Documents to text, or scanning, file format identification.”Example: Document to .txt service utilisation Step 1: send the URL for the document to the service (in this example, the request is automatically accepted – code […]

Ditching the DB-based blog for a semantic one

April 17, 2008


Why Yet-another-blog-engine? Well, blog engines tend to do the same things, their functionality is derived by simple views on a relational DB. To a large extent, I think that this RDB reliance has shaped the scope of what you can do with a blog and also I really feel it has guided how the blog […]


January 28, 2008


I am still here… Just thought I’d put in a quick note to say that yes, i am still posting to this blog and yes, it is worth waiting for (I hope) The posts that are sitting in my drafts at the moment are: Image annotation and how to describe regions of images in a […]