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The four rules of the web and compound documents

August 18, 2008


A real quirk that truly interests me is the difference in aims between the way documents are typically published and the way that the information within them is reused. A published document is normally in a single ‘format’ – a paginated layout, and this may comprise text, numerical charts, diagrams, tables of data and so […]

Conclusions on UUIDs and local ids in Fedora

January 9, 2008


I mentioned earlier about the possibility of using UUIDs as Fedora identifiers. I’ll write my conclusion first and then the reasoning later for all you lazy people out there 🙂 Conclusions Fedora repositories that wish to use UUIDs as identifiers should have the namespace ‘uuid’ added to the list of <retainPids> in fedora.fcfg. The 32 […]

Object ‘PID’s and UUID, why not?

December 10, 2007


Handles, DOIs… schemes to provide unique, persistant identifiers. But what’s the one flaw that unites all of these schemes? They only work for as long as the people involved want them to. If the money dries up behind the Handle resolver, what then? What happens to attempts to assign the same handle to different items? […]