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GLSL Sandbox on the Raspberry Pi

May 13, 2012


I hope many of you have seen the excellent and fun WebGL GLSL sandbox at This live editing of shaders is an excellent learning tool, as it allows you to watch the consequences of any changes you make. I am constructing some simple OpenGL ES scripts as a learning resource for anyone new to it, […]

Spectrum Emulator running on the Raspberry Pi

April 29, 2012


I compiled the Fuse emulator on the Pi itself once I had the SDL development libraries installed via apt. I also enabled swap, as at one point it looked like gcc’s memory usage was going to hit the 128Mb CPU RAM limit. Once built, I enabled the ALSA sound module and fired it up – […]

Using OpenGL ES 2.0 on the Raspberry Pi without X windows.

April 27, 2012


[EDIT: This post contains information from the early days of the RasPi and may not be that relevant to its current software build. I don’t actually have anything to plug my RasPi into anymore so I cannot check or update any of the video/OpenGLES work. (I have laptops but no TV – go figure.) Please […]

Raspberry Pi’s onboard Serial connection

April 24, 2012


One of the reasons I was excited to play with the Pi was the rank of pins on one of its corners, the ‘low-level peripheral‘ pin-out. GPIO pins, SPI, I2C and even an onboard 3.3v serial connection (UART)! In fact, in the stock debian image, it is configured to output the bootup messages and the […]

Fix for OpenCV python binding – cv.MatchShapes returning NoneType rather than double

January 4, 2011


The fix can be easily made if you build from source (building for debian). The key line that needs to be altered is at line 1131 of trunk/opencv/modules/python/api [svn browse ink]: ... QueryHistValue_3D double CvHistogram hist int idx0 int idx1 int idx2 QueryHistValue_nD double CvHistogram hist ints idx # Matching MatchTemplate CvArr image CvArr templ […]

December 12, 2007


A few things of note: I sm the proud new owner of an Asus Eee PC It comes with linux (Xandros) installed by default! It has all the usual bells and whistles – firefox -> youtube and internet radio works out of the box, openoffice, pidgen (instant messanger that handles just about every protocol, msn, […]