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Birthdays and Boardgames

September 26, 2012


Monopoly is the game that killed my interest in boardgames. Why? Its depressingly long-winded, yawnsome play is based more on luck than skill.┬áThe crushing inevitable win by the player who got ahead early in the game. The forced family play at christmas with children who’d rather play on their new computer games and adults who […]

Why ignorance can be helpful and Learned Helplessness

September 26, 2012


I’ve had a bit of a problem for the past few months. I couldn’t seem to finish and write about any of my personal projects. I felt blocked. I’d sit at my desk, staring at a mostly blank draft post, stumbling over the words to describe what I was working on, whether it was a […]

Only 3 out of 28,000 teachers awarded QTS in 2010 have computer-related degree? Er, no.

January 18, 2012


Just before Michael Gove delivered his speech at BETT 2012 on the forthcoming (and huge) changes to the way IT is treated as a subject in schools, there were many articles published about the dire situation of IT trained teachers. Most rested on a statistic that only 3 teachers out of 28 thousand had any […]


October 22, 2011


Wired recently blogged about the ‘9 essential geek books’. I think their definition of geek is biased towards maths and technology but this isn’t surprising, or something that they should be critised for. Mia Ridge posed this question: ‘what book would you give someone to read to understand your geek mind?’ is an interesting question […]

ORCID: some questions and answers

September 13, 2011


The following is from an email exchange with┬áNicky Ferguson. These are my answers to the questions he posed, and as such shouldn’t be considered the opinion of the ORCID project itself. They are the answers I believe are correct, based on the meetings and discussions I have been part of on the technical advisory group. […]

My name is Ben O’Steen and I am a Feynman Fanboy.

August 29, 2011


And I am okay with that. He is simply the most brilliant researcher and the clearest, most entertaining educator I can think of. He had a huge effect on me as I grew up, and I would say I can only underestimate the impact he had on me. If you didn’t know of him before, […]

Tinkering, Play, Eric Schmidt and the UK ICT syllabus.

August 28, 2011


“WHEN I WAS A NIPPER, HAVING A MOUSE IN THE COMPUTER ROOM MEANT IT WAS TIME TO CALL IN PEST-CONTROL….” For many months, if not years, I have felt like an old codger. Yes, form-filling fills me with dread becuase the tick I place for my age-range has moved down more notches than I am […]