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Conway’s Game of Life, interpreted in sound.

February 6, 2013


Some videos you find on Youtube fill you with questions. Questions like ‘why did I just spend 2 minutes of my life watching that?’ or ‘what is this?’ Sometimes though, you find videos that fill you with the right kind of questions. Questions that lead you through lots of different ideas and possibilities and inspire […]

RaspberryPi birdfeeder webcam

May 31, 2012


This isn’t so much a Howto (as other people have already written that up very nicely) but a post on what I am using one of my Pi’s for. The first gotcha is that for some unknown reason, the default, recommended, reference debian image is built without support for USB webcams… Nuts, but there you […]


October 22, 2011


Wired recently blogged about the ‘9 essential geek books’. I think their definition of geek is biased towards maths and technology but this isn’t surprising, or something that they should be critised for. Mia Ridge posed this question: ‘what book would you give someone to read to understand your geek mind?’ is an interesting question […]

Tinkering, Play, Eric Schmidt and the UK ICT syllabus.

August 28, 2011


“WHEN I WAS A NIPPER, HAVING A MOUSE IN THE COMPUTER ROOM MEANT IT WAS TIME TO CALL IN PEST-CONTROL….” For many months, if not years, I have felt like an old codger. Yes, form-filling fills me with dread becuase the tick I place for my age-range has moved down more notches than I am […]

Controlling an ARDrone with the Kinect at #Dev8D

February 19, 2011


This was a bit of fun me and @davetaz cooked up on the first morning of the event – I have been doing work on getting the Kinect data (specifically the skeleton mapping data) out so that ordinary code can use it easily and Dave had been working on the drone control beforehand. There was […]

The DAT500 – An odd, but intriguing bit of tech

September 27, 2010


Quick disclaimer: I have not got my hands on one of these, so it may all be vapourware. However, the modest specs and clunky design makes me feel that it could well exist at a reasonable (for business hw) price. From DAT500 is a robust ALL IN ONE palmtop pen based computer designed for […]

Developer Happiness days – why happyness is important

February 25, 2009


Creativity and innovation One of the defining qualities of a good innovative developer is creativity and a pragmatic attitude; someone with the ‘rough consensus, running code‘ mentality that pervades good software innovation. This can be seen as the drive to experiment, to turn inspiration and ideas into real, running code or to pathfind by trying […]