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Conway’s Game of Life, interpreted in sound.

February 6, 2013


Some videos you find on Youtube fill you with questions. Questions like ‘why did I just spend 2 minutes of my life watching that?’ or ‘what is this?’ Sometimes though, you find videos that fill you with the right kind of questions. Questions that lead you through lots of different ideas and possibilities and inspire […]

GLSL Sandbox on the Raspberry Pi

May 13, 2012


I hope many of you have seen the excellent and fun WebGL GLSL sandbox at This live editing of shaders is an excellent learning tool, as it allows you to watch the consequences of any changes you make. I am constructing some simple OpenGL ES scripts as a learning resource for anyone new to it, […]

Fix for OpenCV python binding – cv.MatchShapes returning NoneType rather than double

January 4, 2011


The fix can be easily made if you build from source (building for debian). The key line that needs to be altered is at line 1131 of trunk/opencv/modules/python/api [svn browse ink]: ... QueryHistValue_3D double CvHistogram hist int idx0 int idx1 int idx2 QueryHistValue_nD double CvHistogram hist ints idx # Matching MatchTemplate CvArr image CvArr templ […]

My swiss army toolkit for distributed/multiprocessing systems

February 11, 2010


My first confession – I avoid ‘threading’ and shared memory. Avoid it like the plague, not because I cannot do it but because it can be a complete pain to build and maintain relative to the alternatives. I am very much pro multiprocessing versus multithreading – obviously, there are times when threading is by far […]

Creating a web application from scratch, backed by Fedora-Commons and Apache Solr (Part 1)

February 24, 2008


(Part 1 will detail the installation and setup of the basic system, services and libraries needed for a Fedora-Commons/Apache Solr backed web ‘service’. Subsequent parts will deal with configuring and feeding the search engine, and constructing a web interface to handle article/blog/comment posting and using OpenID for authentication.) Step 1 – Get a nice clean […]

Using python to play with a Fedora repository

December 14, 2007


Firstly, you’ll need some extra libraries: (If you are using Windows, I’m afraid you are on your own with problems. I can’t help you, it’s not a system I use.) Get easy install from here: that site is slowed to a trickle, just install from somewhere else that is trustworthy) Then, as root: […]

December 12, 2007


A few things of note: I sm the proud new owner of an Asus Eee PC It comes with linux (Xandros) installed by default! It has all the usual bells and whistles – firefox -> youtube and internet radio works out of the box, openoffice, pidgen (instant messanger that handles just about every protocol, msn, […]

Linking items together by using an RDF store

December 11, 2007


(Disclaimer: This is going to rapidly skip over functionality that is present in Fedora, and can be duplicated for other object stores given effort. The key pieces of functionality are that each item has a set of RDF triples that describe how it relates to other items, and that each item can be referenced by […]