ORCID update – ResearcherID system and a call for API

Posted on July 18, 2011


A quick update:

  • ORCID service:
    • Geoff Bilder (Crossref) is leading the developmental work on the ORCID system
    • The first instance of this system will be based on the code produced for the Thomson-Reuters ResearcherID system which has the following characteristics:
      • Java 1.6 (current version is 1.6.021)
      • iBatis (current version is 3.0.2)
      • Struts2
      • Tomcat 5.5.x (current version is 7.0.2)
      • MySQL 5.0.19 (current 5.1.50)
      • Standard XML RPC
      • Quartz Scheduler
  • ORCID development phases have not changed much since the beginning:
    • Phase 1 – create an author ‘self-claim’ system, based on the ResearcherID code but with changes made to accommodate desired APIs and phase 2 integration work.
    • Phase 2 – create a multi-trust system – where trusted bodies (institutions) can publish information on ORCIDs they know about and validate and verify the data held on those ORCIDs in other systems.
One key component of this has been the desire to ‘nail-down’ the desired API for access to ORCID profile information as early as possible. The discussions are not occurring on a publically-accessible mailing list yet although I and others have put forward this as something that is highly desirable if not essential.
In the meantime, I would welcome any API ideas, desires or queries that I can take to the ORCID TAG.
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